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Nutritional Therapy Consulations and Health Coaching

How can we help you, your family, or friends?

Consultations/ Seminars

As needed consultations for life events such as travel, injury, dental work, laboratory reports, food sensitivity, environmental responses/allergies, immune support, and detoxification. Includes food and dietary guidance for improved hydration, digestion, and balanced blood sugar and immune/hormone function.


Health Assurance provided via monthly coaching supports resilience and ongoing optimal health through planned and unplanned life events; preconception, gestational, and post-partum; trauma recovery; frequent travel/missions work; atheletic recovery, surgery, cancer recovery, and illness prevention.

Lab Testing and Review

Review of Blood Chemistry, Micronutrient, Hormone, Food Sensitivity, and Urnilysis for Possible Nutrient Imbalances and Deficiency.  

Providing food sensitivity panels 
intracellular micronutrient and metabolic/mineral testing

Nutritional Supplements

In coordination with a nutrient dense diet-- Vitamin, Mineral, Enzyme, and Herbal supplementation helps 
to improve overall nutrient balance, 
to resolve nutrient deficiency, and 
to nourish tissues, glands and organs.  
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